Welcome to Noah's Ark Nursery

We are a new nursery that is part of a group of nurseries, Gan Kinneret and Noah’s Arkley, with nearly 40 years experience in running fantastic nurseries.

We cater for children between the ages of one and rising fives.

We provide funded early education for two, three and four year old children.

We appreciate that you are your child’s first educator, and we work with you to find the most appropriate and beneficial way to build on your teachings.

As young children learn through play we ensure that the nursery environment and the activities are carefully planned and that they are fun, captivating and full of learning opportunities.  We teach the children through a mixture of adult led and child led activities.

Our staff are enthusiastic, nurturing, caring and hold relevant qualification raging from level 3 to level 6 offering each child a chance to develop to their full potential. 

Our Aims

  • To provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age;
  • To work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop;
  • To add to the life and well-being of the local community;
  • To offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity;
  • To accommodate all parents and try to be flexible with all situations where possible. 

What We Offer

  • Each child will be assigned a key worker when they start;
  • We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage;
  • We have systems in place for ongoing assessments for each child;
  • We keep a record of achievement for all children;
  • We encourage the parents to take part in their children’s learning and development;
  • We meet with parents to discuss their progress when the children are two and three;
  • We place specific activities in our planning for each child—based on our assessments, on the child’s interests and next steps and based on parent knowledge;
  • We email parents weekly to let you know what the children are up to and any news;
  • We celebrate all the festivals and we have half termly topics for the children to learn about the world around them, communication, mathematics and phonics
  • Each child becomes part of our Noah’s Ark family!

Learning program

Learning Journey

At the heart of our ethos, we believe children learn through play. We make sure that all planned and child initiated activities include not only lots of fun but are brimming with educational elements as well.

Noah’s Ark provides a broad-based curriculum to make sure that each child is supported and has a variety of opportunities to learn and develop in all areas of the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS).

Under 2s

Often their first time away from home we aim to make their first steps at nursery an easy one for both parents and children.

We provide a wide range of activities to stimulate each and every child. Using a Key worker system to help the children quickly build relationships with staff and to settle quickly.

All children are offered opportunities to join in a wide range of activities to help them develop in all areas of the EYFS, particularly the Prime Areas of Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional development which is essential in their early years. This will include painting, sticking, role play, story time, music and movement sessions as well as plenty of opportunities to play outside in the natural world.

2 to 3 year olds

As the children get older so their needs change and we encourage them to become more independent. Continuing to make sure activities meet all the Prime Areas of Learning, we now also focus on the Specific Areas of Literacy, Maths, Expressive Art and Design, and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Children are given plenty of opportunities to learn independently as well as coming together in small groups with a teacher to focus on more specific activities including critical thinking, phonics, language development and maths skills. Playing well with others and learning to follow instructions are key areas we work on with this age group. Each child will have a formal ‘Two-Year-Old Development Check’ to monitor and promote development at the expected developmental rate and to ensure the child’s is meeting their full potential. They will be encouraged to take care of their self-care needs and their key worker will support toilet training once the child is ready in co-operation with their parents/carers.

3 year olds to primary school

Our oldest children are already benefiting from the wide range of facilities and planned activities covering the whole range of the EYFS. It is at this crucial age that their critical thinking is developed. We encourage children to make their own choices and use their own initiative; this allows them to channel their creativity. They are given lots of opportunities to problem solve which helps develop their independence, science and maths skills.  Small group sessions are used at this age to further develop communication and language skills as well as to teach letters and number recognition and early reading and writing.  To help with transition to primary school, this age group are encouraged to dress themselves, handle all their toileting needs, pour their own drinks and select their own food at meal and snack times.

Free-flow outside play is important for all children at the nursery and we ensure that there are plenty of opportunities throughout the session for children to play outside.

We have a wide range of toys and play equipment available to develop balance, co-ordination and physical strength.


According to our latest Ofsted, we were graded ‘good’ because:

  • ‘Staff offer a caring and nurturing learning environment. Children self-register when they arrive at the nursery and develop a good sense of belonging and self-worth. They make friends and play happily. Children's behaviour is good.’
  • ‘Staff know how children learn and develop through play and support their learning effectively. Children make good progress in relation to their individual starting points and capabilities. They are well prepared for the next stages of their learning, including their eventual move on to school.’
  • ‘Partnerships between staff and parents are strong. Staff inform parents about their children's progress and involve them in planning the next steps in their learning.’
  • ‘Parents are pleased with the good progress their children make and appreciate the genuine support their children receive from this attentive staff team.’
  • ‘Managers consistently assess and evaluate the quality of the provision to ensure staff's consistency in supporting children's learning and development effectively.’

*please click here to see the full report https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/16/EY537364


The children will be provided with a hot, parev, kosher lunch every day. We will send menus out at the beginning of the week so that you can see what the children will be having.